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Are Whole Grains Healthy?

In a word, no. I loved my bread, pasta and cookies too. I get it. We all grew up eating pancakes, sandwiches, muffins, cookies. I grew up with an Italian father…..pasta! As a mater of fact, not long ago he said, “If I have to give up pasta, I’d rather be dead!” I get it, I get...

WOD 6/13/18

A1) Power snatch: take about 15 minutes to get a heavy set of three. Work in sets of 3 and slowly move up to a final set that is heavy for you. Reset every lift, NOT touch and go Metcon: 5 minute Amrap of 100 meter row 10 T2B Rest 5 minutes 5 minute AMRAP of 7 power snatch 95/65...

WOD 6/12/18

100-10 Choose your own path Double under Box jump Push up American KB swing 55/35 Sit up Weighted lunge 55/35 Wall ball 20/16 Burpee KB push press 55/35, 1 count Ball clean 20/16

WOD 6/11/18

A1) Back Squat 5 X 4 @ 80% 1RM try to add weight from last week A2) Max effort Dips METCON: 7 Rounds for time of: 7 Deadlifts 225/155 1 Small Lap 15 Pull Ups Rest 45 seconds. (Modified Tillman Hero WOD)

5 Basic Tips To Looking And Feeling Awesome!

As a gym owner and health coach I have learned that we have made looking and feeling amazing far more complicated than it really is. We have built an entire industry out of losing weight to the tune of over $66 billion in 2017. My experience also tells me it’s not just weight...

WOD 6/6/18

Strength: Deadlift 5X4 Metcon – Tabata Russian Swings 55/35 Box Jump Overs 24/20 Alt KB Cleans 55/35 Double Unders 1 min rest/transition between movements.

The Difference Between Fitness and Health

  Welcome to the ACF blog! Here you will find all sorts of information and resources related to all things health and fitness. At Absolution CrossFit we aim to be more than just a CrossFit gym. We aim to use CrossFit as an effective and efficient tool to help our members...

WOD 6/5/18

COE – Hero Workout.  Here is a link to CrossFit HQ about who Coe was. 10 Rounds for time of: 10 Thrusters 95/65 10 Ring push ups   Finisher: 30 barbell rollouts.  

Come Celebrate Our 1 Year Anniversay!

We are open to the public on March 21st, 2015 to celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary! come see what ACF is all about!