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Cordelia and Nina

May 05, 2015

cordelialil ninaNina


I joined Absolution Crossfit last year and I have loved it ever since! I was looking for a new challenge and what I found was much better than that! I was shown a new way to exercise and challenge your body in a safe environment with a real focus on strength, improved mobility and injury prevention. Brad and Hector run an amazing Box and have educated all of their trainers themselves, which gives the place a good consistency in the advice and cues you are given.  They pay great attention to detail so members are trained the right way to do things! The WODs are structured to help develop different movements while providing an amazing workout. All WODs are customized for individual members taking into account their fitness levels and any trouble spots.  This is not a place to go to show off and get hurt! This is a place with a healthy respect for the body and its limitations. These guys know how to get you in shape without getting you injured!

My 13 year old daughter came with me a couple of times to watch and before you know it she was hooked.  She was trained with consideration of her age and skill set and I never had to worry. She has been working out at Absolution for almost a year and it shows.  She is a strong healthy girl who embraces her power and has taken responsibility for her own health and wellness.  Her endurance and physical strength is evident in all the sports she plays and she loves working out at Absolution. She loves the people and so do I!  This place is made up of a wonderful varied group of people and it is a warm and easy going environment. Anyone who is intimidated by the idea of Crossfit being too hard or too crazy needs to come down and see for themselves how much fun we have!!!

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