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Robert Wherle

May 05, 2015

I’ve always been as active as possible but after graduating college, it became harder and harder to find ways to stay active.  I play 16” softball and run weekly, but it was not satisfying enough.  I joined a typical gym, but I didn’t have any drive and was bored by the same routine.  I admit I was a bit intimidated when I thought about signing up and I was not sure what the experience was going to be like.  The first day at Absolution CrossFit wore me out.  I had not done a workout like that for a really long time.  But I kept coming back and I kept learning new things.  I was a bit overwhelmed the first week or two by the different things I was learning and the workouts I was doing but I kept pressing on and wanting to learn.  Some things I had never done so I had to get used to doing them.  The more I went and practiced, the easier everything got.  Before long I was doing some of the WODs at Rx (workouts as written without any changes).  I admit that I’m still not able to do all WODs at Rx, but I keep doing them as best I can and pushing myself to improve.  While you have the other members and coaches supporting you during the workouts, it really comes down to you and your will to get through and improve yourself.

No one at Absolution CrossFit judges you for having less weight on your bar when lifting or if you still haven’t mastered pull ups and need a band to assist you.  Everyone there ranges in skill, age, background, body type, and gender which make it a fantastic atmosphere and mix of people.  The coaches do a great job at teaching new beginners and helping seasoned crossfitters improve.  They know the techniques and push you to keep getting better.  They are friendly and want to see everyone succeed.  They do not try and intimidate or judge you for not knowing how to do something.  Instead they show you, explain it, and then set you on a path to learn how to master it.

If you get bored at a typical gym or need a “team mentality” when being active, Absolution CrossFit is the perfect solution.  They also do group challenges to better yourself like a 21 Day Sugar Detox or a Wellness Challenge.  If you chose to do these group challenges, it helps going through the experience with the people you are working out with daily as it keeps you on course and you know that they are going through what you are and it helps to motivate each other.  My body has never felt better after a workout than I do when I’m done with a day of CrossFit.  I recommend it to anyone who asks or is bored with themselves and looking for a challenge.  After belonging to Absolution CrossFit for only 6 months, I see a vast improvement in what I’m able to do and how I take care of my body and I cannot wait to see where I’m at after a full year.   Absolution CrossFit will take care of you and help you to reach your full potential.


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