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WOD 1/23/17

10 minute warm up:
1 minute 10 yard runs
5 x inch worm with 3 push up at the bottom
5 x double leg bridge with a 5 sec squeeze at the top
20 plank reach
1 minute jumping jacks
5 single leg dead lift on each leg (slow) at least 5 sec for each one

Start Emom not later than 20 minutes in deload strength:

A) front squat 6 minute EMOM at 60% x 3 reps
start by 30 and they have until the last 10 minutes the finish B1 and B2
B1) Turkish get up:1 each side x 4 sets, with shoe only (work on perfect form)
the get up should take 30 sec to get up and down
B2) 5 x 4 sets pistols or pistol variation (5 each leg)
7 minute AMRAP of ascending ladder
1 x box jump 30/24
1 x T2B
3 etc.
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