Quinton Bell

Quinton joined the medical sales industry after spending the mid-90s in the U.S. NAVY. For almost two decades, Quinton led a sedentary globo-gym life while raising three kids with his wife of 16 years. During the start of his midlife crisis in 2012, he found Crossfit. Since, he has adopted the motto “Train for Something or Workout for Nothing!” This has led to multiple Toughmudders and Warrior’s Dash races, Crossfit Charity Competitions and an upcoming GORUCK®.

When not training, Quinton is coaching kids and teens in Football, Lacrosse and General Physical Preparedness. He believes in the health benefits of Crossfit and its scalable application for all athletes regardless of age, gender or abilities.

Quinton has a strong love-hate relationship with ‘’father –time. ” He believes Crossfit is best weapon against unhealthy aging and wants to help everyone fight that battle!

Quinton’s certifications include:

  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certificate